Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Cupcakory

When you go to a university that is stretched out all long one long street, there are plenty of pros and cons that come along with it. The only thing I consider a con when it comes to Commonwealth Avenue is the distance between classes and housing. But my oh-so adventurous self is already so used to strolling around aimlessly, so a fifteen minute walk from here to there isn't so bad anymore. I think there are many pros, from having the thrill of going to a huge urban university to being able to grasp a collegiate culture. But best of all, the endless options you have for food! Now, I could either utilize my meal plan at a dining hall or go to a well-established restaurant or fast food joint. But when you are class-free (or stress-free) for the day, cheerfully strolling along to relaxing acoustic music on a beautiful, sunny afternoon, you can't help but maybe spend a couple of dollars and treat yourself! And that's exactly what I did: I treated myself to a classic, well...treat! Knowing the hustle and bustle at BU, many food trucks actually settle in from time to time around noon to 3 p.m. So I happened to pass this smaller, cute, pastel-yellow truck and I couldn't help but stop to see what it had to offer. The first word that popped up in mind was simple; simple colors, simple designs, and simple desserts. If this truck could transform into a house, I honestly would imagine it to be a peaceful suburban house where grandmother just laid a warm pie out to cool on the windowsill. Perhaps the time period would be between the 70s and 80s? I'll stop from getting ahead of myself...

I think The Cupcakory truly understands cupcakes. Their top priorities are "quality and taste": to use the best combination of organic ingredients to create original cupcakes. They're also simple when it comes to design as well; a classic cupcake with a swirl of buttercream frosting on top. No embellishments. Oddly enough, its actually more attractive to true dessert lovers! Because of the minimal colors and garnishes, it forces you to focus more on the taste and flavors of the entire cupcake rather than the physical appearance. And let me tell you, these cupcakes are so moist and the frosting is so creamy. There aren't an insane amount of choices, about 6 to 8 kinds to be exact. But they usually keep their original favorites, double-vanilla and double-chocolate, and alternate the ones made with more culinary prowess. I ordered three cupcakes in total: Nutella cupcake, Salted Caramel, and Lemon-Ginger. I figured since I've obviously had an everyday vanilla and chocolate cupcake before, I should go for something finer. The nutella cupcake was basically your twist on a chocolate cupcake, but instead of chocolate frosting you have nutella-infused cream. Like I said before, who doesn't love nutella? The salted caramel cupcake had its flavor in the buttercream. This was actually the first time I've had something salted-caramel flavored that wasn't actually caramel with a sprinkle of sea salt on top. Since the buttercream had both flavors evenly blended throughout the buttercream, it was a delicious balance between sweet and salty. And for my favorite out of the three: the lemon-ginger cupcake. Excuse me if I'm incorrect, but it seemed like the flavor was both in the cake and the buttercream. The buttercream had both lemon and ginger but the cake itself tasted more like a lemon cake. The lemon really cut the ginger flavor and I thought that was a great idea because ginger could easily become overpowering. It's kind of weird because as I'm typing up this post, I can taste bits and pieces of ginger somewhere in my mouth. It's awesome: everlasting dessert! 
So all-in-all, you could make some generalizations: the cakey-part is simple, the flavor is mostly in the buttercream, and when it comes to sweetness, it is perfectly mild. Oh and one more thing: each time you take a bite, it's impossible for the cream not to smear a bit on your upper lip. But don't worry, it's all part of the fun; just lick it off! If you happen to be having a ridiculously happy day like I was, why not treat yourself to something good. If you ever happen to past by The Cupcakory, stop on buy and get yourself a cupcake! And it's purely a moment for you to savor all of that sugar because I think we could all agree that a simple cupcake with some good buttercream on top can, more or less, fit into your mouth. I walk past quite frequently so, I wouldn't be surprised if I bought a cupcake maybe one or twice a week. That's not so bad right? So what's the best cupcake you've ever eaten? Comment below and share your stories!

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