Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Froyo Wave

Back in the day when I was still growing in the single digits, asking for a cake cone of vanilla frozen yogurt was basically eating ice cream that still tasted like our everyday vanilla flavor, but softer. But not too long ago was there a new concept founded for this popular treat. There was a new subculture emerging on the west coast. Words from Pinkberry radicals, Red Mango fanatics, and even Yogurtland lovers were slowly making their way to the east coast. These shops were revamping the definition of what frozen yogurt, or nowadays more commonly known as "froyo, really is. From common knowledge, what sets froyo apart from your traditional soft-serve is its signature tanginess. And its no surprise that just like our everyday refrigerated yogurts, froyo has plenty more health benefits. So combine all of the above, and you have a ridiculously popular dessert that has everyone craving it all day, everyday. And the best part is that you have a nearly infinite number of toppings to pile on top. Amongst my family and friends, we are constantly being kept on our toes when we hear about a new froyo joint opening up. It is always worth it to wait in a long line for a nice cup of awesome froyo. For me personally, it all started at Berryline near Fenway. Four or five shops later, I have most recently made my mark on Wooberry Yogurt

Just down the street from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) is a purple and green froyo shop called Wooberry Yogurt. Just like other froyo shops, it upholds the same guidelines. You get in line, pick your flavor of froyo, and choose your toppings! But it's a little different here. If you follow them on Facebook and Twitter, you'll notice that they actually rotate their flavors almost everyday. For example, today's flavors are Original, Chocolate, Passion Fruit, and Peanut Butter. Considering the complications and the financial strain acquiring another frozen yogurt machine would have, it's a great way to let people try out new things. But here's the best part: the way they add your toppings. Some froyo places manage their toppings differently. For one fixed price, some allow you to pick as many toppings as you'd like but they partition them to fit the cup. Others charge you additional for each topping you choose. At Wooberry, they charge you for each additional topping but they give you heaping scoops. Never will the word "stinginess" come across your mind there because they are extremely generous with their toppings. I was one happy customer with my small original froyo with creamy cheesecake bites, crunchy smores bites, and drizzle of honey. And if you're there with a group of friends socializing around their white tables, go ahead and pick a board game. That's right, just around the corner are board games for you to take out and play a good round with some friends. Who doesn't love board games? 

) ( (Photo Credit:, see below)
It seems like Wooberry is going to be the next spot to hit up for many people in the college area. The line was long but it was definitely worth every scoop. This only forces me to reorder my list of favorite frozen yogurt places. Though Wooberry takes second place after Pinkberry being first, if one ever opens up in the Boston area, I may have to reconsider. What's your favorite frozen yogurt shop?

Mention: I have to give mucho photo credits to my family friend Alexander Tran. It wasn't too long ago that he gained a new interest in photography and from his creativity, harnessing the ability to take incredible shots came naturally to him. He goes to WPI and was offered an opportunity to do a photoshoot for Wooberry. These are the shots he has taken so far of the store, but there will be more to come. But definitely take the time to visit his photography site because his photos are unique, from levitation to twists on everyday stills. You have to take a look!

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