Sunday, July 31, 2011

Right at Home

Sunday mornings are definitely days when laziness is completely excusable. I always like to keep my Sundays open with minimal commitments simply because that's how it should be; the end to a crazy weekend, the prelude to a packed week. So this usually means staying in for the majority of the day. So why not brew up a simple, morning coffee. This morning I brewed dark roast coffee from Whole Foods, sprinkled in some sugar cane crystals, and half-and-half milk. Nothing compared to the professional concoctions you may be used to, but it's perfectly just as effective. And of course, me having a huge sweet-tooth, I had to dip some good old chocolate chip cookies. Whatever gets me going!

Also, for those who are wondering where the mug is from, it's actually from Urban Outfitters. They are relatively cheap and are actually stackable. They come in green, yellow, purple, blue, and black. Simply minimalistic and colorful. Happy morning!

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  1. This looks so good O_O.. it's 3 a.m. RESIST.