Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Home Edition

Despite the fact that I rarely cook a meal for myself, I actually enjoy doing so! But when I'm at school, even though I have access to a kitchen, I rarely buy groceries because I already have a meal plan for the school's dining halls. And when I'm home, my mother fears my presence in the kitchen because to her, that means a whole mess. Even if that weren't the case, I already eat my mother's cooking so there's no need for me to cook. But this one time, I finally had the opportunity to put something small together. My mom doesn't always want to cook, especially on rainy, muggy nights. I offered to put together a salad to go along with this rotisserie chicken she bought at the local supermarket. The only way for me to acquire all the ingredients that i need, is to go grocery shopping with my mother and sneak some produce into the cart. I know, it's kind of bad but she doesn't mind it. Plus, it's not like I'm putting crazy expensive items into the cart. So to keep it simple and cheap, I made a Caprese Salad: fresh mozzarella on juicy tomato slices and an aromatic basil leaf (or two) on top. For the dressing, we happened to have balsamic vinaigrette in the refrigerator, so that worked perfectly! I must say, it wasn't bad; probably one of the best caprese salads I have ever put together. 

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