Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cupcakes Galore

Being deprived of sweets is probably the worst thing that could happen to me. I know, I am well aware there are much worse situations out there, but in a simple sense, if I don't have sweets, then I won't be sweet. Hmph! (At least not as sweet as I could be!) Being at school, it's a given that we are spoiled with the occasional brownies, cookies, parfaits, and soft-serve frozen yogurt. I'll admit I haven't been totally out of sight from desserts, but I don't know how long it has been since I've devoured good-quality, delicious, luscious desserts made with culinary prowess. So I had some free time: it was an absolutely beautiful day after a stormy, rainy day before; the sun was out, there was a gentle breeze, and everything that was happening only meant that autumn was around the corner. What else could make you this cheery? It was finally a perfect day to indulge and go to Sweet Cupcakes.

It wasn't my first time here; for a cupcake shop that's just around the corner from where I reside, there's no way I haven't already checked it out. But I just never gave it a good observation. It's hard to miss: if you see a giant window with the lower border adorned with white, vinyl cupcake stands, you hit the spot! Sweet Cupcakes was extremely aesthetically appealing. Walk in, and be invited to a pretty pink world with the wall-design being exactly the same as their website background; pink and black laces intertwined. Your attention is immediately drawn to the counter: various boxes for packaging, cupcake pillars of various heights, and two creatively set cupcake stands: your stereotypical pyramid stand and a ferris wheel with the cupcakes substituting the booths. "Cute" would definitely be the best word to describe everything. It appeared they had their Fall-themed desserts put out: orange, brown, yellow colors, from pumpkin to apple flavors, even warm spices like spicy ginger. And for those who prefer to stick to the classics, vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet. And if you're looking for something light, you could always order their miniature cupcakes. And all their cupcakes were simple in design: the cake, cloud-like frosting on top, and a small garnish to hint a flavor. So any regular person would probably order one cupcake just for a small treat. Instead, I bought four: eat two, save two. I always prefer to go outside my comfort zone and try new fusions of flavors, so I got their least conventional cupcakes: Chocolate Orange, Red Velvet, Caramel Apple, Molasses Ginger. I think sweets taste better with something hot so I also got a small cup of black coffee. You can also get tea but, I was feeling some caffeine. And if you're in the mood to just lounge and eat, you most certainly can on their pastel-pink booth and square white tables.

Out of the four that I bought, I decided to first dive into the Chocolate Orange; a chocolate cupcake with citrusy orange-infused frosting, with a candied orange peel on top half-dipped in chocolate ganache. The hint of orange really blended well with the chocolate: I've actually never had a chocolate-dipped orange/orange peel before and this "twist" on candy was quite pleasing. The second cupcake I ate was the Caramel Apple; it was a vanilla cupcake but when you bite into it, you feel the bite of apple preserves hidden inside, all sweetened up with caramelly frosting and drizzle. And to emulate an actual caramel apple, they put a popsicle stick poking out from the center. The apples were a fun surprise; natural sweetness combined with gooey caramel. Unfortunately, I would love to talk about the other two cupcakes, but all things in moderation. Those I shall save for tomorrow. I'm super excited to take a bite into the Molasses Ginger cupcake though. And red velvet: classic, who doesnt' love it?

Sweet Cupcakes is really such an enjoyable place. It was nice taking pictures while lip-syncing the oldies playing from the speakers and looking up at the TV and seeing an old classic film. It was like a modern twist on a classic treat. And even if you don't live close to one of their locations (Mass. Ave, Newbury Street, Harvard Square and Downtown), you could always order for an event, party, and even for self-indulging. Sweet Cupcakes usually has you on your toes waiting for the next round of cupcakes to come because every time I've been there, they always have a different theme going on. So I'm eyeing the other two cupcakes right now and I find myself typing faster and faster with intentions of getting my hands on them. With me, you just never know: put a treat in front of me look away for a second and it's magically gone. It's a guilty pleasure!

So we all love desserts: what's your favorite dessert? And if you're a huge fan of cupcakes like I am, what are some of your favorite cupcake shops?


  1. Those are really lovely cupcakes! You did a wonderful job on these photos, too. I like the interesting angles that you shot these from, it adds motion to the images and draws the viewer's eye in. Plus, it almost makes it seem as though there are cupcakes flying through the air, and who wouldn't like that? ;)

  2. Beautiful pictures! My favorite dessert, that's a difficult question. A good tres leches is usually one of my top picks.