Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Wired Puppy

For most of us Bostonians, the usual go-to spots were always Copley Square, Prudential Mall, or somewhere along Newbury Street. So I've definitely walked up and down that fashion strip countless times. The thing with Newbury is that there are nearly an unlimited amount of stores and restaurants you could shop at to your heart's content. But some people forget that there aren't only shops side-by-side one another, but there are also stores that are on top of another store below. So even for someone like me who has been here his entire life, there are a lot of places I haven't either been into or even knew existed. For about a year now, I have always walked past this one place that had a cute picture of a yelping puppy in a blue-bordered circle. I wasn't sure if it was clothing shop or if it was something else. So one day, I finally looked it up online and behold, it was another cafe! I guess it's not too hard to guess where my next cafe adventure took me...

First established in one of Cape Cod's thrilling towns, Provincetown, The Wired Puppy is a local favorite having been voted as Best of the Cape and Islands for four consecutive years. And finally, the founder opened one in Boston. They serve Organic Direct Trade Specialty coffees and teas. I must say, the perfect spot to start a cafe! The ambiance reminded me of a vintage scene but a bit warmer in tone. (Not even sure if that conveys it right.) The lighting was minimal, it was darker than most cafes. The walls were brilliant scarlet if not bold red, plastered with advertisements for various local activities. In front were two small round tables surrounded by mini-ovular orange chairs. My eyes were immediately drawn to the pastries: some in the display glass and some cookies and goodies in separate jars on top of the counter. And next to that was a wide range of The Wired Puppy clothing and accessories.

If you kept on walking towards the back, you will notice a little inlet leading you into another area with more seating. The two sides were aligned with a long counter top and chairs. The cafe even offered its own computer for customer usage! What I liked about that room was the very minimal lighting: the sunlight shining through the windows was the main source of light. Since it was a mild Tuesday afternoon and neither me and my friend had anywhere to rush to, time to chillax with something to drink! My friend ordered a Super Fruity Freddo which is basically a "super fruity" chilling smoothie. I decided to go on the warm side and ordered a Milkyway Steamer to go. It was perfect for a chocoholic like me: I described it as your unordinary hot chocolate with milkyway flavor and a hint of vanilla. There was a tranquil feeling to the ambiance of the cafe; a little darker, brick walls, and just natural light to really bring everything together. There is one question that lingers though: why is the cafe called "The Wired Puppy"? I'll have to ask the owners or employees because I'm just that curious. I took a guess: maybe the way they specially brew their coffee keeps people not only alive and awake, but also energetic, as if we're all "wired"! Why do you think it's called "The Wired Puppy"?

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  1. I love the Wired Puppy. The atmosphere of the Provincetown location is my favorite - I go to for a quick latte and then I end up wanting to stay for a while - lots of windows, everyone is super friendly.

    Glad I found your blog and look forward to following!