Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Clear Flour Bread

Sometimes, it's nice to walk off the beaten path and stroll through the roads less traveled. On a beautiful afternoon, my friend Mazy (author of the blog Social Media Never Sleeps) and I decided to walk through the back streets of Commonwealth Avenue. We've always wanted to just wander aimlessly and see what we come upon. At this point, we were technically walking in Brookline and what we ultimately found was the perfect portrayal of the eclectic, boutique-y nature of Brookline. After only about a five minute walk behind the Comm. Ave. apartments, we found a beautiful, little bakery called Clear Flour Bakery

For a small bakery, they sure packed a lot of...everything! The minute you walk in, you see merchandise on the right, an entire bakery rack full of pastries, and an extremely wide arrangement of freshly baked bread. I absolutely loved it; everything looked so fresh. And if just seeing it for your own eyes isn't enough, then the open kitchen in the back says it all. I realized that I actually haven't seen an open bakery like this in a very long time. Isn't that the essence of any bakery? I think it's safe to say that the scent of bread baking in the oven is a natural wonder. Though I have never been to France, I'd like to think that I was transported to Europe for about ten minutes. 

So my friend and I, as per usual, decided to purchase an array of goods. We bought a bunch of desserts and bread. We bought everything from chocolate cakes, a crumb bar, a tart, brioche, and a fresh french baguette as well as sourdough bread. I really do feel like bread is a culinary trip for all five senses: the scent of fresh bread, the sight of a whole baguette, the sound when you break a piece off, the crunch after one bite contrasting with the warm interior, and I don't even need to go into the taste. And once again, just like old times, we ate it all with a mini charcuterie spread: prosciutto, two types of pate, and camembert. 

I did go back for a second round but I had to ask the employee how long this bakery has bene here for. To my surprise, it has been there for over 25 years. Where have I been!? I guess better late than never. I must say, it's a little dangerous that this bakery is so close to home. Now that I know an authentic bakery is just around the corner, I could see myself visiting quite often. And if you want to have a better idea of what exactly they sell, just visit their website. Their list of breads alone will have you salivating.

So what do you like most about bakeries? And just for kicks, what's your favorite kind of bread?

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  1. Mmm there's nothing like a great bakery! I love the smell of fresh bread and the people making the bread. So many people who work in bakeries have incredible passion for what they do - it's inspiring.