Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Breakfast Club

On day one of my vacation in Cancun, we jump-started our all-inclusive deal by going to a breakfast buffet in La Casona. The restaurant-scape reminded me of a vineyard of some sort. Just a clean white table cloth with white plates, a wine-glass for water and a small basket with four little, adorable jars of Smucker's jam. For the meal, there was such a vast array of selections, from your everyday scrambled eggs to something more cultural: Mexican chorizo! There was an open grill in the middle of the spread of cuisine where you could request a fresh omelette filled with whatever was available. There was so much food, let's just say that stuffing yourself was the only option.

Now, I'm not sure if it's something everyone does or if it's just between me and my cousins, but there is this "game", if you will, that we play when we are at a buffet of any kind. Here's the breakdown:

Create a Plate
Goal: To create the most original and beautiful dish using whatever the buffet has to offer.
Rules: To venture out to the buffet, grab whatever there is, and use your creative mind. Simply speaking, do whatever you want.

Call us weird, call us spontaneous, but it's actually pretty fun! I decided to roll around the sweet side of things. I grabbed a mini, flaky bun and cut it in half. I then sandwiched it with some luscious nutella. To finish it off, I drizzled a good spoonful of sweet condensed milk and sprinkled crunchy hazelnut bits on top. And because I simply love croissants, I put one besides my dessert. Did I win? We never know, but everyone's a winner to me in this game. Plus, does it matter? We all devour our creations at the end anyways! And after eating my delicious dessert, I had to down it with--yup, you're right--cold milk! My favorite!

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