Friday, August 5, 2011

Ben and Jerrys: LIFESAVER

I cannot stress enough how much of a sweet-tooth I have. I could probably devour a stack of pancakes deluged in maple syrup, eat one or two chocolate bars as a simple dessert after lunch, and assemble a tall post-dinner sundae with everything including the cherry on top. (Not to mention the small bits of sweets I sneakily inhale between meals.) The whole point is that when there is an opportunity to eat something with sugar, I'm all for it. So recently, the Ben and Jerrys ice cream truck has been touring around cities and giving out free samples of ice cream. Check to see if you're city is part of the tour! Fortunately, Boston is one of these cities and they have been and will be touring throughout the month of August. How do you get yourself some good ice cream? Well, here's a hint:

 Christopher Nguyen 

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