Saturday, July 30, 2011

Espresso Royale Cafe

When we think of cafes, we imagine the stereotypical earthy decor, artsy displays featuring local artists, a smooth ambiance, with a big hearty mug of your favorite coffee. Sometimes, a warm place to relax is exactly what we all need after countless hours of potential stress. What better way to fully experience this than to hit up Espresso Royale Cafe. 

The cafe serves different types of coffee in different ways, teas, pastries, and bagel sandwiches all with a drive to promote vegetarianism, veganism, and organic food. Of course, all that being said, for all those omnivores, you still have options to choose from. But whatever it may be, you can bet that it is completely heart-friendly. One morning, I got a moist white-chocolate raspberry scone and a small hot Cubano to go. The pastry was perfectly moist and the coffee was a satisfying new try, but what really attracts me is their coffee art.

So far, ERC is the only place that puts time and effort in adding some artistic flair to your beverage. Even if you get your coffee to go, they hand your cup without a lid so you can marvel at your barista's creation. I love coming here to do work, study, or just enjoy a conversation with some friends. The environment is perfect for a slow-paced morning. You should all definitely check it out!

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