Thursday, July 28, 2011

Food on a Ride

Take a walk down the financial district in Boston and you'll notice random trucks parked along the curb at various locations. For the commuters, the minute you walk out of South Station, you're greeted with a wide open area, crowds of business folks, and food trucks! Lately, there has been a food truck movement going on. It's the representation of a new business arising; no longer do consumers have to go to the businesses. Now, businesses can make themselves more accessible by bringing themselves to the consumers. And we're not talking about any ordinary, old food truck here, we're talking about gourmet dishes treated with the utmost culinary expertise. Also, these chefs are smart; they keep you on your toes. You can never be too familiar with the menu because they are constantly being revamped. This all being said,  I will try to highlight another food truck in the area once and awhile. Starting with...

Mazy and I were looking for a good place to buy lunch and we came across BBQ Smith food truck. Their specialty is barbecued meats including some side dishes. They also have a wide variety of lemonades, including their Watermelon lemonade and their Rosemary/Thyme lemonade, featuring a different kind each day. So I decided to purchase a sandwich with BBQ Smith sauce, pickled carrots and onions, Greek yogurt, and BBQ Chicken "chips" on a whole-wheat baguette with a chilling Watermelon Lemonade. 

And I must say, I was quite satisfied with my meal! I like my BBQ not too saucy and fortunately, BBQ Smith put just enough for you to taste the amazing flavor, but not too much to the point where it's overbearing and you find yourself using a whole-case-ful of napkins. It was ridiculously hot that day too so the watermelon lemonade hit the spot. And I almost forgot: I also came back to buy their Blondie with caramel and pecans for a little treat. Let's just say there wasn't enough; I wish it was a bigger chunk! I'll be coming back here soon to try something else sometime!

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