Monday, August 1, 2011

Likeable Lunch

Last Friday, we had our Likeable Media Field Day. After half a day full of trivia and an awesome game of classic kickball, we sought out to find a good place to grub. We all decided to eat lunch at Rock Bottom, a restaurant near City Plaza that specializes in big meaty burgers and ice-cold beer. For those who know what I'm talking about, the atmosphere is very much like The Yardhouse. The decor is interesting. They have the modern furniture, plaza screen TVs mounted along the walls, and a brightly lit bar in the center. But their art were very environmental: pictures of mountains, forests, and large bodies of water. Perhaps that's how the restaurant ties in with the "rock bottom" of things.

For my meal, I ordered a Patty Melt. It was a large burger patty with melted pepper-jack cheese and fried onion straws all in between two slices of italian bread. I chose a near-heatlhy coleslaw as my side. How mouth-watering does that all sound? Speaking of which, I cannot stress enough how perfectly juicy it was. Enough said. Because I was underage, I was content with having my ice-water. But I did manage to get a sip of the Red Ale my friend ordered. I usually don't drink beer, but it was pretty good! I understand what people say when they say "college beer" isn't "real beer". If you're craving classic burgers and beer, this place is definitely for you.

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