Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fried Chicken -- Korean Style!

I think it is safe to say that fried chicken is one of America's favorite foods. But with the promotion of living greener and being healthier, all of that grease -- reluctancy all around. But how can we reject all of those well-established Pop-Eyes and KFCs and their low-cost value meals? Simply speaking, it is kind of a part of an American cultural tradition. But as my rebellious-self would say: tradition is meant to be broken! ;)

I have been extremely obsessed with this new restaurant called Bon Chon Chicken for so long. It's located in Allston/Brighton pretty much in college central. If you're a Beantown inhabitant, it's located down the street from Harvard Avenue going towards Boston University.
What is its specialty? Well, it's in the name: Bon-Chon Chicken! In other words, it is korean fried chicken. You have the option of ordering a small, medium, or large plate with two different flavors to choose from. The chicken drumsticks and wings are fried with a thin coating of batter and then flavored with either soy garlic or hot sauce. To start off, the meat is so succulent. Right when you bite into it, you can definitely feel the contrasting textures; crunch from the fried skin and the tenderness of the meat. What I'm impressed with even more is how they apply the sauce. Most other places pour an unbearable amount of sauce on their wings; you're forced to use an unlimited supply of napkins. But at Bon-Chon, the chicken is dressed enough for you to fully taste the sauce but not get your hands drenched in it. When they serve you the chicken, they pair it with a bowl of their own coleslaw and another bowl with pickled dikon radish. So the best way to do it: bite a huge chunk of Bon-Chon, stuff some coleslaw into your mouth, add a square or two of the dikon radish. And if you run out of the side dishes? Ask for more for free!

The restaurant generally specializes in Korean/Japanese cuisine. If Bon-Chon isn't your thing, try their sushi rolls! They even have more favorites from bulgolgi meat to Okonomiyaki, a seafood pancake with bacon bits on top. I also love how versatile the place is. You don't necessarily have to go for a complete meal; come with a group of friends, share a large plate of Bon-Chon chicken and beer. If you like a modern restaurant with some Asian flair, definitely check out Bon-Chon chicken. As far as I know, they have one open in the big NYC as well. But I'll have you warned: you WILL leave with a full stomach so come hungry!

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